Slowing down...

... still working on that. lol The VA and Mom keep me busy... maybe some day when we're fully staffed with reliable people... or I retire again. HA!


God I really need to slow down and do some art...

Busy taking care of Mom and working... I need to relax and make some pots... when the weather clears up eh? lol


No excuses anymore... snowing again, but now I have a small banding wheel.


Now to check on the clay; 06 Ward's Red; see if it's workable  and see what develops over the weekend. Should have enough wet for 3-4 chawan if all goes well... still need to find my Schmidt Bag and roll of Dolan Tools. Good thing I am Primitive. lol 


Ongoing project...

Beginning to organize the Mudroom (apropos title neh?) into a small studio space this winter. We never use the back door, my banding wheel is portable and as my construction style does not involve a great deal of detritus, foot trimming or powered wheel splatter effect (don't use one) I can work inside where it's warm as long as I clean up ASAP. In the summer I work on the deck just outside the door.

I'll just have to measure dimensions, decide what I need to build and buy wood for shelves; get deep freeze and dishwasher out;(both out of commission and taking up space); the Mudroom is almost 4' wide and 12' long; some 6'x1"x6'' lumber should provide all the shelving I need along the solid wall and some sort of desk/bookcase for the Ohaus, tools, books, formulae and clay/glaze recipes... drawers full of "Dolan Tools, they're keepers, not Kemper's." -Susan Dolan CEO (or whatever the title is.)


I am a lazy bugger...

But ever since my return from NCECA 2012 and the wonderful time in Seattle, life seems to just be piling on. Family and work stuff seems to be never ending and I am having to adjust/readjust and realize that I can only control myself.

I hope to begin local clay tests as soon as things settle down and hope to start producing more low fire chawan.